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Valerie Frazee & Lyndsey Kincer


Congratulations! You Are EmbracingYour Curls!!

So you are finally embracing your beautiful curls... ​

Embracing your curls is really about embracing yourself. Many of us have fought or tried to "fix" our curls and that has been challenging and counter-productive. If you're on this page you have taken the first step to embracing your natural hair and your beauty within and out. So whaty exactly is a Curly/Deva Cut?
In our salon, it is a cut that caters to your curly hair needs. We cut every type of curl from Wavy, Curly, to Super Curly. To quote Deva Curl, we are "For all curl kind." We get so many people asking questions so hopefully this page will help. 

What is A Deva Cut?

A Deva Cut is a dry cut that is designed for all types of curls. The Deva cut is a dry haircut for curly hair. The idea is that we cut the hair where it lives. It is not a perfectly even cut because we are not cutting for straight hair, we're cutting for your curls.  We customize the principals of a Deva Cut based on the shape of the head and the type of curly you have ( wavy, curly, or super curly ). We get asked frequently about curl types. Below are images of different curl types. This is a great way to start but does not paint the whole picture of your hair and your curls. We are here to help.

2 A-C   Wavy 

3 A-C   Curly 

4 A-C  Super Curly

*It is normal to have several types of curl on one head. We're here to help and address yor curl-needs. 
How Should I come in For My Curly/Deva Cut?

When you come in for Curly/Deva Cut, it is best to come in wiht your hair down, dry, and curly. If possible we ask that you come in with little or no product. Second hair day is fine if it is not over-saturated with product. Many times we use a ton of product to try and control our curls. Coming in for your appointment with a lot of product in the hair or all knotted up on top of your head makes it a little more difficult to assess your curls. Also, because we cut dry, we really need to be able to work through your hair as we go through the cut. 

What Happens During A Curly/Deva Cut Appointment?

Step 1: Consultation- The first step is that we consult with you about your curly hair goals. We will ask about your routine, how long you've been embracing your curls and we'll make a plan together from there.

Step 2: The Cut- As stated above, we cut the hair dry. This process can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on the curl type and the style we are going for. 

Step 3: Curly Style/No-Poo Transformation- After we cut your hair, we then style it. We will take through the steps of the Curly Girl Method and customize a routine based on your curl and hair type and your lifestyle. Sometimes we do a clarifying treatment and a deep treatment masque. Then we place you under a dryer and we may diffuse after that. We teach you how to treat your curls properly and make a routine thay works for you. 

Detangling Fee & Long/Extra Thick Hair Fee

The Curly/Deva Cut can take any where from 1-2 hours. We schedule two hours for your first visit. 

Detangling Fee - We may charge an extra detangling of $25. Sometimes we struggle with our curls and there are a lot of tangles to sort through. This can take quite a bit of time and involves more product. 

Extra Long/Thick Hair Fee - We May charge an extra long/thick hair fee of $15.00. Some times we want to keep our beautiful long curls. We take extra care and time both during your cut and the styling process to ensure that you keep those beautiful curls long and healthy.